Recent studies have shown that 45% of Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering firms have extended hiring times, mainly because of the inability to locate the perfect qualified professional.

How can you engage with the best possible person to fill you open position?

All business, big or small, should have a proactive recruiting plan in place to discover the right talent. Even with a strategic plan in place, top candidates are sought after and may have many lucrative opportunities to select from. To attract these candidates it is essential to have an experienced recruiter on your side.

Search, Assess and Deliver Top Talent

Orlando-based Vantage Point is a highly respected recruiting search firm, successfully delivering strategic, impact players to corporations nationwide. We know the business and we know the top performers. Our founder and CEO, Bill Marek, has been in the staffing and recruitment industry for over twenty years.

Our Goal

Our goal is to acquire the best talent to meet your company’s goals, helping you to grown in our current economy. Partnering with Vantage Point Recruiters is a cost effective way of staying ahead of the competition. Our efforts are paid on a contingency basis, whereby the client only pays our fee when they select and hire one of the candidates we present.

Investing in us is just as important as investing in the latest technology, our strategies are based on the current hiring trends.

We welcome the opportunity and challenge to work withy your company. Simplify your hiring process, contact us  us today!


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