Vantage Point Recruiters, LLC. is a dedicated team of professionals, who deliver results to clients, save them time and money, and move them forward in the hiring process. We specialize in the manufacturing, sales, industrial, engineering and commercial construction sector. Over the years Vantage Point Recruiters has become extremely well networked on a national scale, with candidates, contacts and clients. We interview candidates/applicants extensively, in order to determine if they are a superior match for the particular position a hiring company is looking for. This pre-screening of course, is based on a thorough understanding of the role as presented by the client, along with factors such as, company culture, environment, and compensation variables.
Vantage Point Recruiters is a contingency fee executive search firm, whereby an employer does not pay if they do not hire a Vantage Point candidate. Additionally, we provide a time line guarantee regarding the performance of the hired individual.
To determine how your company may benefit from our exceptional resources, expertise, and capabilities, give us an inquiry call or email:
Vantage Point Recruiters, LLC
Bill Marek – CEO

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