Vantage Point Recruiters is an Orlando based company who searches, assess and delivers top talent to your company. We specialize in the Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial and Engineering industries. We also work on a contingency basis, whereby the client only pays our fee when they select and hire one of the candidates we present.

Though businesses of every size can benefit from streamlining their hiring process. Here are 4 signs you need to take a proactive approach to building a talent network.

You’re long on applicants but short on time. If you find yourself continually trying to fill open positions, you need a strategy. Imagine how much time and money you would save by already having qualified talented candidates in your database.

Losing to the competition. If you’re losing candidates to the competition, having a recruiter on your side will keep your company on the mind of the applicants. Research has shown maintaining communication is a major key to talent network and the decision of the candidate.

High turnover. Failing to meet the expectation of the applicant can be a big problem. Having communications with a network of talent enables them to know the culture and expectations of your company. They will be familiar with your business and now what to expect.

Resources. Outsourcing enables companies to save time and money. Instead of starting from scratch every time you have an open position, posting and ad, job description, sorting through the countless resumes, interviews and so much more. Instead you would already have a collection of qualified candidates who are interested at your fingertips.

It’s not a secret that businesses today are finding it difficult to find the skills and talent they need to stay on top of their game.

Vantage Point Recruiters is a highly respected recruiting firm, successfully delivering strategic, impact players to corporations nationwide. We know the business and the top performers.

We welcome the opportunity and the challenge to work with your company, contact us  us today!


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