Recruiting and staffing are impacting corporations nationwide. As the economy improves, many businesses are gaining confidence and reinvesting in their operations by expanding and hiring quality professions.  Recruiting firms need to know both the company and the candidates for a successful partnership.

Get to know your recruiter:  Recruiting agencies need to know what you’re company is looking for, be clear about your expectations.  Vantage Point Recruiters will get to know your company, the environment and culture. We go beyond the simple resume match, we find the top candidates who are also the best fit.

Get to know the candidate:  A recruiting agency should know the candidates.  At Vantage Point Recruiters we get to know the skills, hobbies and what kind of environment the potential candidate will thrive in.  This enables us to make the best match for your company.

Vantage Point Recruiters is a highly respected employment, consulting and recruiting search firm.  We successfully deliver strategic, impact players to corporations nationwide.  Contact us today for a successful partnership.

The Outlandish Interview Question

What kind of animal would you be if you could?   What kind of super hero powers would you want?  Strange interview questions may leave you wondering why….

According to Pamela Skillings, co-founder of New York based job coaching firm Skillful Communications, “Interviewers are trying to get behind the facade and learn who the person really is.  Can this person think on his or her feet?’

Obviously there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this type of questions.  Try and answer with something unique and memorable.

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