Recruiters and executive search firms are looking ahead into what will shape the labor market and staffing industry in the new year.  The U.S. economy is still experiencing a high unemployment rate, though it seems the number of layoffs has subsided.  The Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned, “While we still expect that economic activity and labor market conditions will improve gradually over time, the pace and progress is likely to be frustratingly slow”.

In these economic conditions the trend for employers having a difficult time finding the right candidate for their empty positions will continue, due to changes in the labor market and finding the right skill set.  While poor hiring decisions can cost a company millions of dollars, hiring the right senior level candidate has proven to be essential for success.  It is crucial to find a reliable executive search firm to ensure your company thrives.

Vantage Point Recruiter is committed to help your business prosper in the new year. We specialize in Construction, Engineering and Industrial searches. Our founder and CEO, Bill Marek, has been in staffing and recruitment industry for over 20 years. We invite you to contact us today.

Building a Great Resume

Though time consuming and not much fun, building a great resume is crucial.  Listed below are 5 easy tips to improve your resume:

1.  Take the presentation of your resume seriously.  Do some research on how to prepare a resume and how to present yourself in the best light.

2.  Have someone else proofread your resume, possibly a human resource or search consultant.

3.  Try and limit your resume to 2 pages and use white or ivory paper.

4.  Your accomplishments and skills should provide an impressive representation of how you will benefit your future employer.  Bullets can help describe your achievements.

5. If your previous employers were acquired or have merged, provide a brief explanation.


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