Though the unemployment rate and cut backs are still high, they only mask the ongoing struggle for businesses to find highly skilled and experienced employees needed for a successful company.

Statistics have shown 82% of businesses have reported difficulties finding qualified candidates for their open positions, with two thirds of them reporting having issues retaining employees.

To achieve your company’s objectives and goals it is imperative to attract and retain talented and experienced individuals. With 71% of businesses reporting an increase in the amount of applications from unqualified candidates, an unsuitable employee can prove to be expensive and time consuming.

The benefits of outsourcing the recruitment process not only includes saving money, but, more importantly, you will find the perfect candidate to guide your business through these difficult times.

Orlando based Vantage Point Recruiter will get to know your company and the requirements and skills you’re looking for. With our vast database, networks, on-line tools and inside connections, we locate the best qualified person. Then we use our extensive experience, knowledge and rigor requirements to find the best candidate in a timely manner.

Vantage Point Recruiters have a proven track record for success. We offer affordable quality results with long term rewards. Contact us today!


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