A company’s growth and success depends on creating an innovating team who deliver productive results.  Targeting the right employees with the skills to work in this team is essential.  Orlando based Vantage Point Recruiters specializes in Construction, Engineering and Industrial candidates for your winning team!

It is important to understand t he particular skills each candidate  has and what they will bring to the team.  Here are a few teamwork skills to look for:

Solution Oriented:  Able to collaborate with others to take on tough issues.

Cooperative:  Able to work with and encourage other team members to deliver results.

Accountable: Take their share of responsibility without blaming others.

Good Communicator:  Able to share opinions and ideas openly and inspire others.

Active Listener:  Open to others and able to act on their ideas.

Flexible:  Able to adapt to the other team members.

Companies looking for top level employees to join their team have better results when using an executive search consulting firm. Vantage Point Recruiters target candidates with strong teamwork skills and build great companies.  Vantage Point founder and CEO, Bill Marek, has been in the staffing and recruitment industry for over twenty year.  We invite you to contact us today; we are ready to work for you.

Interview Tip

Teamwork is important.  Show your interviewer how you have functioned in a team and how this benefited the company.  Have a good story ready that provides the result of  your teamwork.

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