Employee engagement can be defined as the emotional allegiance of an employee to a business’s goals, which is demonstrated by their contributions and success of the company. An engaged employee takes an active interest in achieving the company’s goals, not just their paycheck or next promotion.

Successful companies strive to obtain this type of employee but identifying these qualities during the interview process can be difficult.

Hire for Passion and a Positive Attitude

Staying ahead of the competition includes employees with a passion for their work and a great attitude. Candidates with a positive mental attitude brings a contagious energy and passion to the table. Ask about their projects, see how excited they get describing them. Inquire about a frustrating time with their current or past employer, observe both their verbal and nonverbal reaction, and listen to whether they are able to retain a positive view. An optimistic attitude is essential for leaders when facing adversity.

Desire to Learn

Ascertain if the candidate is exited about learning new things and applying this knowledge to further the company. Learn about their formal education but also their intellectual curiosity, the ability and desire to learn and contribute to the company. Ask about any projects that didn’t go well, what was the results and what actions did they take.

Cultural Fit

Though the right technical skills and knowledge is important, cultural fit is critical for heightened performance. Ensure the candidate posses the expectations, attitude and beliefs of your company.

Vantage Point Recruiters has a highly skilled team who specialize in Engineering and Construction industries. The most successful organizations in the country are this way because of their highly skilled employees performing at the top of their profession. Vantage Point Recruiters ensures they find these candidates for your company.

Investing in us is just as important as investing in the latest technology, our strategies are based on the current hiring trends.

We welcome the opportunity and challenge to work withy your company. Simplify your hiring process, contact us  us today!


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