2013Employees are looking to the New Year with guarded optimism. Though the economy is gradually growing and businesses are predicted to hire more employees than last year, the slow recovery and soft global market would indicate that most employers will be playing it safe.

A recent survey showed over 60% of companies are better off financially than last year and 26% plan to hire permanent full time employees this year, up 3% from 2012.

When employers are apprehensive about making key hiring commitments they often seek the assistance of recruiting and staffing firms to meet their demands.

Hiring Trends

Employers will be looking for the right skill. Over 19% of full time workers say they have been approached by other firms for employment opportunities. This demand will continue to grow this year as employers attempt to find answers to the skills gap situation.

Companies are realizing the necessity for hiring and keeping highly qualified employees and will be willing to pay more to keep them. Recent pools show 72% of businesses plan to compensate existing employees and raise starting salaries, up to 3%.

Employers are also working on building up their training programs. Instead of looking for perfect employees, companies are taking workers who posses the basic skills giving them the right training to fill their needs.

Vantage Point Recruiters has a highly skilled team who specialize in Engineering and Construction industries. The most successful organizations in the country are this way because of their highly skilled employees performing at the top of their profession. Vantage Point Recruiters ensures they find these candidates for your company.

Investing in us is just as important as investing in the latest technology, our strategies are based on the current hiring trends. 

We welcome the opportunity and challenge to work withy your company.  Simplify your hiring process, contact us  us today!

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