Having a recruiter go to work for you saves the time and burden of placing this task on an internal Human Resources person. The search is tedious; searching the active resume boards, writing and placing ads, reviewing often hundreds of resumes, calling candidates after hours and on weekends. Receiving numerous calls daily, regarding the ‘open’ position. Then to scheduling interviews, completing reference checks, and tracking/documenting all activity.
The internal staff member in personnel IS paid. This individual often is taken away from more primary responsibilities within their role – to work on recruiting. Less than 100% focus on these primary activities may result in “things overlooked”. Additionally, there is the dollar cost of subscribing to the search engines, resume boards, and job posting boards.
Is the internal staff member ‘tasked’ with finding the right person fully familiar with the specifics and intricacies involved with the open position? How well can a personnel staff member discus mechanical engineering, or MEP estimating, or lean manufacturing, or CAD design with a 20 year veteran in that arena. Of course each staff member in human resources plays a vital role within the organization. They can assess the basics of the candidate, the resume review, the job description, but then it is often necessary to put numerous candidates through to the company expert regarding that role. Now the time and cost is shifted to an even more senior level team member. Instead of effectively filtering through 3 candidates to the expert, 8 may be put through – inefficiency.
Passive Candidates:
Can any member within the hiring company comfortably call their competitors to directly discuss an open position? Generally, the top performers, the ‘A’ players are actively working, and do not post their resume all over cyberspace.
How well ‘networked’ is the hiring company with potential candidates? How many superstars are already in their company database? Few, I suspect. The question may linger, “Have we reviewed all of the best possible candidates in our own company search”? Hiring the wrong person can be quite costly as well.
A Good Recruiting Firm Is well networked, often having developed a database for decades. They know who they can call on in their assigned search, where to get referrals, who the key players are. They will or will not call on competitors, at the clients’ discretion. The recruiting firm will discuss in detail with their client the specifics of the open position, and assign that search to their expert in that field, i.e., engineering, manufacturing, accounting, medical, and so on. The cost, or fee, is usually somewhat negotiable, and can be on a contingency status, whereby there is only a fee if the client company hires a candidate presented by the recruiter. A recruiter will generally offer a timeline guarantee regarding performance of the new hire, as well!
Vantage Point Recruiters, LLC is a contingency fee based, with guarantee, executive search firm.
At Vantage Point Recruiters we Search, Assess and Deliver top talent to our clients, streamlining the hiring process and adding immediate and positive value to their corporation! Our experience, network, databank, contacts, and resources are far-reaching. Combined with our focus and expertise, the result is prime candidates for your review, and successful hire!
Vantage Point Recruiters specializes in the manufacturing, industrial, engineering, sales and commercial construction sectors. Based in Florida, and working with clients across the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest USA.
We invite you to engage with us regarding your current hiring requirements.

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