Finding the best employees for your company is essential.  Having a strategic  plan in place when your company has an open position is just as important.  Instead of finding yourself scrambling to find qualified candidates quickly, be prepared for the recruitment process.

Planning: Evaluate the skills and staffing needs your company will be looking for.  Vantage point recruiting works closely with you company to define your organization needs, direction, competitive advantages and objectives.

Execution:  Vantage Point Recruiter has a vast network, solid relationships and we perform an in depth search, uncovering targeted candidates to find the right fit for your company.

Results:  Deliver top-level prime candidates, streamlining your hiring process and adding immediate and positive value to your company.

Vantage Point Recruiters specializes in Construction, Engineering and Industrial searches.  Founder and CEO, Bill Marek has over twenty years experience in the staffing and recruitment industry.  We know the business and we know top performers. We invite you to contact us today, we are ready to get to work for you!

Interview Tip

Develop a couple of short phrases to say during your interview that will highlight what a great fit you would be to the company.  For example, how you helped a difficult co-worker because you were better equipped for the position.  Also display values that show your familiar and can relate to the business.

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